My favorite WoW websites

21 02 2010

I enjoy pouring over various WoW websites, looking for new tips, checking out loot, and reading about the latest developments. I wanted to share with everyone some of the sites I frequent:

JustMyTwoCopper – This is my favorite site for gold making tips. The blog is updated frequently, and the author is very knowledgeable. The forums contain much valuable information. If you’re looking to be rich in WoW, this is the place to start.

MMO-Champion – If you want the absolutely latest news, patch notes, spoilers, and info on WoW, MMO-Champion will have it first. I hit this site multiple times per day because they always have the scoop first.

GuildOX – I like to keep up to date on raid progress world-wide, and GuildOX is my favorite site for viewing the latest rankings. They also have an excellent loot ranker, which will help you in deciding on upgrades.

WoWProfessions – If you’re looking to power-level a new profession, this is the place to go. They have very simple to follow guides for power-leveling any profession. I use this site often.

El’s Extreme Anglin – Most people hate fishing, but El certain seems to love it. She’ll walk you through everything you need to know, and have you out-fishing Nat Pagle in no time. – The premier WoW blog. If you’re looking for the latest developments in Azeroth, this is the place to be. They update multiple times per day, and have regular articles for every class.

Have an exceptional WoW-related link? Post a comment and let us know!



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