I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since day one. Over the years I’ve come across many tips and tricks that I now want to share with you. I don’t claim to have discovered all the information I’m going to present in this blog, but I promise that everything I post has been tested first-hand by myself.

A little history first. My World of Warcraft journey started with applying for the open beta. I hadn’t really followed the development of the game before that. A friend of mine, who was a big Warcraft III fan, sent me the link to signup for the beta. We both started off playing Orc Warriors, and had a blast playing in the beta for a few weeks. Naturally we were both hooked, and bought our copies of WoW the first day it was available.

Since that time, I’ve played through a warrior to level 60, raided vanilla end game on a priest, picked up both expansions, and dabbled in end-game raiding in TBC and WoTLK on a paladin, warlock, druid, and finally death knight. I’ve recently tried my hand at earning large amounts of gold, my current high being 50,000g (a small amount compared to some, but a high personal goal).

I pour through the official WoW Forums. I read other websites looking for tips and tricks to enhance my enjoyment of the game. And now, it’s time to give back. I intend to compile all my favorite tips, tricks, gold making methods, and general knowledge of this game.

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