Addon review – EveryQuest

26 03 2010

Today we look at one of the most insanely useful addons for completing The Loremaster achievement – EveryQuest.

This achievement requires you to complete hundreds of quests across Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend. If you’ve been playing your character for a very long time, chances are you’ve completed many of the low-level quests in the game. No doubt you’ve also skipped quests here and there. Loremaster is very unforgiving, requiring you to complete nearly every single quest per zone to achieve it. That’s where EveryQuest comes into play.

You can see in this screenshot how it keeps track of your quests. Items in white are ones you have not yet completed. Items in green are ones you have completed.

However, the really powerful feature of EveryQuest is how it gathers your quest data. In Patch 3.3 Blizzard added the ability for addons to query the server to determine which quests a character had completed. This is where EveryQuest is most powerful. You can install it today, have it query the server, and it will present to you a list of quests that you’ve completed since day 1 of play.

I’m currently grinding my way through Loremaster for the second time. Before I discovered this addon, I would spend hours pouring through Wowhead trying to find an elusive quest I had missed. It was there that I saw a lone post about this addon. I installed it immediately, and had Loremaster completed on my first character within a day.

So what are you waiting for? Go download EveryQuest, and happy questing!

Leveling up Weapon Skills

12 03 2010

Weapon Skills are on their way out in Cataclysm, but they are still attached to two achievements – Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich and Master of Arms. It’s likely they these achievements will be turned into Feats of Strength come the expansion, and you will no longer be able to get them. So now is the time to finish up these two easy, but long, achievements!

Here are some tips to help you get through these achievements more quickly:

  • Find a low-level mob that can heal itself to attack. Some suggestions are: Sandfury Witch Doctor, Blood Elf Reclaimer.  Their heals will sustain them so you can keep beating on the same mob for a long period of time.
  • If you’re fighting a low enough level mob, and/or can heal yourself, I’d suggest removing all your armor first. You will take a decent amount of durability damage, plus having lower stats will prevent the mob you’re attacking from dying.
  • There are vendors in Dalaran that sell each type of weapon. If you want to level up a type that you don’t normally use, you can pick up one of these for cheap.

However, if you can easily heal yourself there is a much faster way. I stumbled across this Youtube video that demonstrates one of the easiest ways of leveling up weapon skills. Note that Blizzard likes to nerf methods like this, so it may not last.

Leveling up Fishing the smart way

25 02 2010

Lets face it, leveling up fishing from 0-450 is a long, boring chore. That doesn’t mean it has to be a waste of time too. A recent change in Patch 3.3 to the mechanics of fishing allow you to level up in a useful, and profitable way.

Pools/Schools of fish are found in almost any body of water in the game. The trick is that you do not need a high level of skill to successfully fish out of a pool. That’s right, even with your fishing skill at 1, you can hook a fish from any pool.

So all you Level 80’s out there, you can work on your fishing skill while getting fish that are useful for your raid (Fish Feast) or will sell very well on the AH. Here’s the method I suggest:

  1. Level up your fishing skill to 100, either by fishing in your home city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) or the Fountain in Dalaran. You should get to 100 pretty quickly, as it only takes 1-3 casts at lower levels to get a skill-up.
  2. Once you reach 100, head out to Outland, and start looking for some pools of fish. I suggest Zangarmarsh, in any of the big lakes, or Terokkar Forest.
  3. Fishing from an Outland pool gives you an approximately 4% chance to get a Curious Crate. These crates contain a very valuable item – Weather-Beaten Journal. This book will allow you to track fishing pools on your mini-map, and requires a fishing skill of 100 to learn. This is essential for quick fishing in Northrend.
  4. Once you have your Weather-Beaten Journal, head back to Northrend.
  5. Enable Fish Tracking in your mini-map.
  6. Start fishing from pools! I suggest Borean Tundra for Musselback Sculpin, Sholazar Basin for Nettlefish, Grizzly Hills for Glacial Salmon, and Dragonblight for Dragonfin Angelfish. Each of these fish is useful (the first three are ingredients for Fish Feast) or sells extremely well.
  7. Another excellent reason to level up your fishing by only fishing in pools is that you have a chance to fish up a Sea Turtle mount, which gives you the achievement Turtles All The Way Down.

If you have any questions about fishing, I very highly recommend that you head over to El’s Extreme Anglin’. It’s the best fishing guide out there.

Good luck, and happy fishing!

Neverending Sand Crawlers

21 02 2010

This little spot has been around since the game launched, but it’s unusual how few people know about it. There is a small area in Westfall filled with Sand Crawlers that respawn nearly instantly. These are level 13-14 neutral mobs, which any high level player can 1-shot.

There are 3 reasons to come farm these guys:

  1. They drop Clam Meat, Crawler Meat, and Crawler Claw. Each of these are very valuable for use in leveling up cooking. A stack of each will typically sell for about 20g on my server.
  2. They have a pretty high drop rate of BoE green items. I’ve had great luck in selling these on the AH, especially weapons. Typically I sell the greens for 2-10g each.
  3. Due to the quick respawn rate, this is a great spot for leveling up your weapon skills for the Master of Arms and Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achievements.

From Dalaran, my preferred route to get here is to take the portal to Orgrimmar, and then the portal to Blasted Lands. From there, ride through Swamp of Sorrows -> Deadwind Pass -> Duskwood -> Westfall. Obviously players on the Alliance side can get there quickly from Stormwind.

The spot is just north of Jangolode Mine in the north west corner of the zone, along the coast. Here’s a map to help you find it:

You want to look for these 3 logs:

Your bags will fill up quickly, so make sure to empty them before coming out, or bring along a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.

There is one hostile rare mob that runs through this area, so be careful if you’re low level and go AFK.