Neverending Sand Crawlers

21 02 2010

This little spot has been around since the game launched, but it’s unusual how few people know about it. There is a small area in Westfall filled with Sand Crawlers that respawn nearly instantly. These are level 13-14 neutral mobs, which any high level player can 1-shot.

There are 3 reasons to come farm these guys:

  1. They drop Clam Meat, Crawler Meat, and Crawler Claw. Each of these are very valuable for use in leveling up cooking. A stack of each will typically sell for about 20g on my server.
  2. They have a pretty high drop rate of BoE green items. I’ve had great luck in selling these on the AH, especially weapons. Typically I sell the greens for 2-10g each.
  3. Due to the quick respawn rate, this is a great spot for leveling up your weapon skills for the Master of Arms and Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achievements.

From Dalaran, my preferred route to get here is to take the portal to Orgrimmar, and then the portal to Blasted Lands. From there, ride through Swamp of Sorrows -> Deadwind Pass -> Duskwood -> Westfall. Obviously players on the Alliance side can get there quickly from Stormwind.

The spot is just north of Jangolode Mine in the north west corner of the zone, along the coast. Here’s a map to help you find it:

You want to look for these 3 logs:

Your bags will fill up quickly, so make sure to empty them before coming out, or bring along a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.

There is one hostile rare mob that runs through this area, so be careful if you’re low level and go AFK.