Leveling up Fishing the smart way

25 02 2010

Lets face it, leveling up fishing from 0-450 is a long, boring chore. That doesn’t mean it has to be a waste of time too. A recent change in Patch 3.3 to the mechanics of fishing allow you to level up in a useful, and profitable way.

Pools/Schools of fish are found in almost any body of water in the game. The trick is that you do not need a high level of skill to successfully fish out of a pool. That’s right, even with your fishing skill at 1, you can hook a fish from any pool.

So all you Level 80’s out there, you can work on your fishing skill while getting fish that are useful for your raid (Fish Feast) or will sell very well on the AH. Here’s the method I suggest:

  1. Level up your fishing skill to 100, either by fishing in your home city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) or the Fountain in Dalaran. You should get to 100 pretty quickly, as it only takes 1-3 casts at lower levels to get a skill-up.
  2. Once you reach 100, head out to Outland, and start looking for some pools of fish. I suggest Zangarmarsh, in any of the big lakes, or Terokkar Forest.
  3. Fishing from an Outland pool gives you an approximately 4% chance to get a Curious Crate. These crates contain a very valuable item – Weather-Beaten Journal. This book will allow you to track fishing pools on your mini-map, and requires a fishing skill of 100 to learn. This is essential for quick fishing in Northrend.
  4. Once you have your Weather-Beaten Journal, head back to Northrend.
  5. Enable Fish Tracking in your mini-map.
  6. Start fishing from pools! I suggest Borean Tundra for Musselback Sculpin, Sholazar Basin for Nettlefish, Grizzly Hills for Glacial Salmon, and Dragonblight for Dragonfin Angelfish. Each of these fish is useful (the first three are ingredients for Fish Feast) or sells extremely well.
  7. Another excellent reason to level up your fishing by only fishing in pools is that you have a chance to fish up a Sea Turtle mount, which gives you the achievement Turtles All The Way Down.

If you have any questions about fishing, I very highly recommend that you head over to El’s Extreme Anglin’. It’s the best fishing guide out there.

Good luck, and happy fishing!

Neverending Sand Crawlers

21 02 2010

This little spot has been around since the game launched, but it’s unusual how few people know about it. There is a small area in Westfall filled with Sand Crawlers that respawn nearly instantly. These are level 13-14 neutral mobs, which any high level player can 1-shot.

There are 3 reasons to come farm these guys:

  1. They drop Clam Meat, Crawler Meat, and Crawler Claw. Each of these are very valuable for use in leveling up cooking. A stack of each will typically sell for about 20g on my server.
  2. They have a pretty high drop rate of BoE green items. I’ve had great luck in selling these on the AH, especially weapons. Typically I sell the greens for 2-10g each.
  3. Due to the quick respawn rate, this is a great spot for leveling up your weapon skills for the Master of Arms and Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achievements.

From Dalaran, my preferred route to get here is to take the portal to Orgrimmar, and then the portal to Blasted Lands. From there, ride through Swamp of Sorrows -> Deadwind Pass -> Duskwood -> Westfall. Obviously players on the Alliance side can get there quickly from Stormwind.

The spot is just north of Jangolode Mine in the north west corner of the zone, along the coast. Here’s a map to help you find it:

You want to look for these 3 logs:

Your bags will fill up quickly, so make sure to empty them before coming out, or bring along a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.

There is one hostile rare mob that runs through this area, so be careful if you’re low level and go AFK.

Frost Lotus Fun

20 02 2010

Since Icecrown Citadel hit the live servers in early December, demand for Frost Lotus has been extremely high. This has driven up costs in the AH of both the Frost Lotus, and the resulting flasks. If you’re a raider, things got more expensive.

Luckily, there’s a quick and relatively easy way to farm Frost Lotus, as well as other Northrend herbs. This technique has been going around for awhile, but I first heard about it from JustMyTwoCopper.

Freya’s room in Ulduar contains approximately 30 herb nodes. Most of these are pickable without aggroing any mobs, although some require stealth to get to, and some require a suicide to pick.

Requirements: An Ulduar 10/25 Raid ID saved up to Freya, a Level 80 toon (preferably a Rogue or Druid for their stealth abilities) that is an herbalist.

  1. Get a raid together for Ulduar. These days it’s much easier to gather a 10-man group, especially if you can convince your guild to go. Clear the bosses as follows: Flame Leviathan -> XT -> Kologarn -> Auriaya -> 3 elders in Freya’s room. IMPORTANT: Do not kill Freya. She must remain alive.
  2. Pick all the herbs in the area
  3. Exit the instance for at least 30 minutes to soft reset. This will respawn all the herbs. Note that all the trash mobs will respawn as well. This is where stealth comes in handy. Also note that the 3 Elders do not respawn.
  4. Remove all your armor to avoid repair bills.
  5. After the soft reset, zone back in, and port to the Conservatory. With stealth, you can pick the majority of the herb nodes. Pay close attention to patrols.
  6. If you have any trinkets that can pull aggro (ie: Bitter Balebrew Charm), you can use it to stealth up to a node right next to a pack of mobs, pop the trinket, and pick the herb before you die. I usually only bother doing this for Frost Lotus nodes.
  7. On average you will pull 4 Frost Lotus per reset, however I’ve picked as many as 11. You will also get a large amount of Deadnettle, Goldclover, Lichbloom, Adder’s Tongue, Talandra’s Rose, and Eternal Earths. These are excellent for supplying an Inscription alt with mats (see my article on Armor Vellum III).
  8. Every week, make sure to extend your Raid ID lockout. This ensures that you can keep the raid ID indefinitely.

In the last few days since the PTR for 3.3.3 was announced, I’ve already seen a 10g drop in Frost Lotus selling prices on my server. Expect them to drop even further once the patch is live. However, profits will remain high from this venture by supplying your guild with enough Frost Lotus to keep them swimming in flasks.

Armor Vellum III

20 02 2010

Here’s a quick tip for turning what I call a passive profit. Many professions have a technique like this. Today I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily turn a profit by making Armor Vellum III’s.

Requirements: Access to a Scribe that can make Armor Vellum III.  Cheap Ink of the Sea from your local AH, or large existing stockpile. Exalted Kirin Tor rep for cheaper Parchments.

1) Check the price of a stack of Ink of the Sea on your AH. On my server they typically go for about 60g a stack.

2) Check the price of a stack of Armor Vellum III on your AH. On my server they typically go for about 100g a stack.

3) 20 Ink of the Sea will net you 40 Armor Vellum III’s. Additional costs are 16g for Resilient Parchment. If the price of 40 Armor Vellum III’s on your AH exceeds the cost of 20 Ink of the Sea + 16g for the Parchment, you will turn a proifit by simply buying up the Inks and churning out Vellums.

On my server, I net over 120g each time I do this. Vellum’s sell like hot cakes, and I’ve turned over 4000g worth of profit in a night just doing this.