Frost Lotus Fun

20 02 2010

Since Icecrown Citadel hit the live servers in early December, demand for Frost Lotus has been extremely high. This has driven up costs in the AH of both the Frost Lotus, and the resulting flasks. If you’re a raider, things got more expensive.

Luckily, there’s a quick and relatively easy way to farm Frost Lotus, as well as other Northrend herbs. This technique has been going around for awhile, but I first heard about it from JustMyTwoCopper.

Freya’s room in Ulduar contains approximately 30 herb nodes. Most of these are pickable without aggroing any mobs, although some require stealth to get to, and some require a suicide to pick.

Requirements: An Ulduar 10/25 Raid ID saved up to Freya, a Level 80 toon (preferably a Rogue or Druid for their stealth abilities) that is an herbalist.

  1. Get a raid together for Ulduar. These days it’s much easier to gather a 10-man group, especially if you can convince your guild to go. Clear the bosses as follows: Flame Leviathan -> XT -> Kologarn -> Auriaya -> 3 elders in Freya’s room. IMPORTANT: Do not kill Freya. She must remain alive.
  2. Pick all the herbs in the area
  3. Exit the instance for at least 30 minutes to soft reset. This will respawn all the herbs. Note that all the trash mobs will respawn as well. This is where stealth comes in handy. Also note that the 3 Elders do not respawn.
  4. Remove all your armor to avoid repair bills.
  5. After the soft reset, zone back in, and port to the Conservatory. With stealth, you can pick the majority of the herb nodes. Pay close attention to patrols.
  6. If you have any trinkets that can pull aggro (ie: Bitter Balebrew Charm), you can use it to stealth up to a node right next to a pack of mobs, pop the trinket, and pick the herb before you die. I usually only bother doing this for Frost Lotus nodes.
  7. On average you will pull 4 Frost Lotus per reset, however I’ve picked as many as 11. You will also get a large amount of Deadnettle, Goldclover, Lichbloom, Adder’s Tongue, Talandra’s Rose, and Eternal Earths. These are excellent for supplying an Inscription alt with mats (see my article on Armor Vellum III).
  8. Every week, make sure to extend your Raid ID lockout. This ensures that you can keep the raid ID indefinitely.

In the last few days since the PTR for 3.3.3 was announced, I’ve already seen a 10g drop in Frost Lotus selling prices on my server. Expect them to drop even further once the patch is live. However, profits will remain high from this venture by supplying your guild with enough Frost Lotus to keep them swimming in flasks.